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Nellie's 1st Hotel Hiking trip

Willas two sisters left our little home and our busy house became strangely quite. You see, Ava went to college in Humbolt which is so much further than Berkely where she attended last year. And Scarlett went across the country to a equine boarding high school in Connecticut.

I was planning this cool trip with the 3 girls in mind but then figured why not go with just Willa and Nellie?! So we did just that... This would be Nellie's first trip!

Day one:

We drove to a fancy place called Evergreen Lodge by Yosemite. I booked us a big tent with mattresses, glamping all the way! We did this really cool 3 mile hike on the way in to Carlon Falls and WOW it was stunning. We were chasing the sun so had to rush it but if we arrived earlier we could have spent more time enjoying the pools.

We got a 'to go' dinner at the restaurant then clambered into our giant tent and made a cozy nest with Nellie in the center, day one was a success!

Day two:

We got an early start and made it to the Hetch Hetchy trailhead by 8am to hike to Wapama Falls. This is in Yosemite and dogs are not aloud in National Parks with the exception of service dogs, lucky for Nellie she is one! After the falls we head over the pass through Yosemite and south to our next destination, Rock Creek Lodge south of Mammoth. We had the cutest cabin with a wood burning stove right along the river. We explored the nearby trails with Nellie and had an early night.

Day three:

Rock Creek Lodge is super close to my FAVORITE hike ever called "Little Lakes Valley" Its a mellow 8 mile out and back, quite popular so best to go early. So we were on the trail by 8am and there was no one else there. This trail is so beautiful I highly suggest it. We even got some snow on the hike, it was epic! We cooked dinner that night and got cozy on the bed to watch a movie on my computer.

Day four:

We got an early start and said goodbye to this little valley and drove to Convict lake for a short 2.5 mile hike. It was early and the weather was freezing, I mean icy cold! We finished our hike and headed into Mammoth for some breakfast at the Breakfast Club before heading to our last destination, June Lake.

We stayed at Eagle Creek Lodge, which is pretty fancy for us. There is a pool, Jacuzzi, and fancy rooms. We made sure to enjoy all of it and finished the night by having the best dinner at their restaurant. Nellie's first trip was a success, cant wait to take her on many more.

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